Sverigekronan casino owner launches new website

If you’re not swedish you probably don’t know about the online casino Sverigekronan, who recently have been one of the fastest growing gaming sites in Sweden. However, you might know about one of their other brands, Bethard, which is targeting the UK market besides the nordic countrys. The company behind these brands is named Gormadan Solutions Limited and have their offices in Malta, just like most european gaming companies.

Just like many companies before them, Gormadan is building white label casino sites for every country and market they insist to reach. At the moment they have SuomiVegas for Finland, NorgeVegas for Norway, SverigeKronan for Sweden, BetHard for the UK and now with their latest launch: SverigeCasino, which is also targeting Swedish players.

The new casino has a specific niche; players who wants to feel safe, and who would normally play at government owned Svenska Spel. Since Svenska Spel has a new online casino in the loop, Gordaman is trying to snatch players to their own sites before the government site is ready to launch. Because of this we will see tons of commercials for both Sverigekronan casino and SverigeCasino the upcoming months.

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Free spins and bonuses

To get players to sign up to their different labels Gormadan have set up an aggressive strategy involving loads of casino bonuses and free spins to new players. For example, a new player at SverigeCasino or Sverigekronan receives 100 and 60 starburst free spins just by signing up. Even at BetHard new players get 80 free spins no deposit casino bonus.

Also the deposit bonuses are generous, comparing to other casino platforms. For example, Bethard gives yo a 100% bonus up to £500 plus up to 100 free spins on your first deposit. Same goes for Sverigekronan and for their newest brand you get up to 500 free spins. There’s no doubt about whether or not Gormadan is trying to become one of the bigger casino companies in Europe, the big question is will they pull it off, and will competetive offers and bonuses be enough to get players to leave their old casinos to register at these new websites.

At this stage it’s hard to even guess an outcome, but what we can be sure of is that the competition between online casinos will be in your favour, and because of this you and other players will be able to get better deals at all the casinos you which to play.

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