What is an Online Casino? - Your Personal Guide January 2021

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What is an Online Casino?

An online casino is just as it sounds – it’s Vegas on your computer… Nah not really but it is as close as you get to play online casino slots or blackjack in the comfort of your home. Online casino’s started popping up already in the 90’s. Back then you usually had to buy a CD and install the software on your computer before being able to play. CD’s with casino online UK is far gone, but there is still a lot of downloadable casino’s left.

More and more casinos online moves over to be completely flash based and now even HTML 5 ready. Just so you can enjoy every game and no deposit casino UK on your mobile device.

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What Makes an online Casino good?

In this article we will try to explain what makes a good online casino and why. What do you need to look for when you are about to sign up? Where are the fall pits are so that you don’t end up feeling cheated of your money due to impossible terms and conditions?

We will also explain how the license works in the UK. Explain how bonuses work and why casino rooms give free bonuses. All this is to give you a better understanding of the world of online casino.


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Why has online casino developed so rapidly?

Some key factors why the casino online has developed so rapidly is mostly due to the fact that players have more access to new technology. Having a laptop or mobile device is more common today than having a microwave.

The Internet has exploded and you can basically go online whenever and wherever. That and together with new software developers like Netent, iSoftbet and Quickspin etc. that saw an opportunity to evolve the existing games online, went in and dominated the markets. It was no longer possible to release crappy casino games and still keep a hefty part of the online casino market share.

The company that has won the most from this development is NETENT. The Swedish company NetEnt started in 1996 doing some software development and algorithms, but they actually didn’t release any online slots until 2003.

In 2009 they released Boom Brothers, which is yet today one of the most played games online. Now years after they hold some of the most sought after titles and coolest games in the online casino business. Both their own titles and big branded titles has been very successful. Just to mention a few of them among all good games they have released titles such as:

Playing at a casino has always been something, that was extremely exclusive and expensive. Today it has become a “every day of the week thing”.

We believe that players has gone from buying lottery tickets or scratch cards in the local store to play casino online – in particular video slots.

In many countries across Europe there are no offline casino’s. Sweden for instance has only three brick and mortar casino’s in the whole country.

Last updated on May 7th, 2019 at 08:40 am

What do Online Casino’s Offer?

As in a real brick and mortar casino, you will find all possible casino games, but also sports sections:

Most popular games online is the videoslots. In the beginning of 2010 online slots completely exploded on the European market and new online slots developers have emerged penetrating the business, that was before controlled by the enormous offline brands.

What defines a good Online Casino?

What is a good online casino? Well is it the design of the site, the easy navigation and understanding or basically just the right one with most games. It is everything combined. A good casino in our mind can never compare it self to a real casino. The difference between playing poker online and offline is huge and we feel the same when it comes to online casino. In a brick and mortar casino the focus lies more on the experience and the social surrounding. Whilst on an online casino, there are focused more on the convenience, the games and promotions.

It is easier to go in to brick and mortar casino and leave it happy after a few pints and £200 in your pocket to party with. Online casino does not add the same feeling. At online casino’s we are looking for something different. It is more important to win online than have a good time and socialize with your friends.

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Transparency and Respect

A good online casino needs to respect the fact that the players don’t know everything about casino. They do not read dodgy terms and conditions, that has limitations that normal casino’s don’t have. Meaning the fact, that you cannot withdraw money that you have won from a bonus. if you haven’t played it through a certain number of times.

All these rules have come up for one reason. Online casinos must due to competition raise their bonuses to the roof and give too much away. So instead of making it fair and easy, a lot of them hide these rules in order to avoid paying out huge bonus withdrawals. This is the definition of a stupid online casino UK, that has not found a good way to be competitive in the market. Instead they end up scamming their customers. Luckily not all online casinos are like that!

With a casino online you need to give the players a fair chance to win some money and if they do. it should be theirs to keep. Some of the no deposit casino UK online need to work more on fairness and user experience instead of just throwing in £10 extra. that a player will never be able to withdraw anyway.

We have seen some new and really innovative online casino’s changing the market such as Redbet and Fika. We are looking forward to more of these casino’s that treat their customers with respect, adds transparency to their terms and give a good experience overall.


Last updated on May 7th, 2019 at 08:40 am


So to come to a conclusion of what a good online casino and no deposit casino UK is, we have summed up a list below.

This is our checklist with bullets of what a good online casino should contain:


We hope you have gotten all the insight you need in order to spot a good online casino and what you can expect from a good no deposit casino UK.

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